Why You Should Take the Plunge and Join a Dating Site

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You may have first come across online dating and thought that it really wasn’t for you? I have heard people liken it to a cattle market- people lining up just in the hopes of being picked up. Degrading, humiliating and embarrassing. Not true of course but these are just some of the terms associated with online dating by those who haven’t taken the plunge and if those thoughts have reverberated through your mind at some point, then you may wish to think again.

There is no doubt that it is a very different approach certainly to the more traditional style of dating where couples meet at a variety of social events and love grows through chance eye contact across a crowded room, but with today’s busy, fast-paced lifestyles, who gets the opportunity to meet lots of different people outside of their own social circle?

Internet dating is fun, ok, it has a whole new set of rules and it’s kind of exciting in that you build up friendships and develop emotional bonds in a surreal environment and get to know each other from the safety of your computer screen. But everyone deserves a little fun and the chance to meet people that they might have never met in a million years if they hadn’t taken the online option.

Just think, a whole new set of professional people may be signing up as you read this. But it’s not all about their professions of course, it’s about broadening your horizons, encountering a meeting of minds, having new experiences – ones that you can talk about with friends, laugh about or secretly lust about in private.

A little trepidation laced with anticipation of course is no bad thing. After all, you don’t really know who you are talking to until you have actually met that person in the flesh so as to speak, and even then, it may take a while to identify the true person.  Don’t panic though, isn’t that the same as if you were meeting someone physically straight away? Ok, you might see through someone a bit quicker on a face to face encounter as it’s harder for them to conceal aspects of their personality but at least you would have had the experience of the virtual dating game and the excitement of the first date after so many appealing messages back and forth. Online dating gives you new ways to flirt, imagine the power of your words through emails and instant messaging, you can build the tension and excitement to a crescendo and then decide whether you wish to meet or not.

Do you want to meet someone who could fit in with your circle of friends and of course family, if things should progress? Or do you crave a little excitement before worrying about those finer details? Whatever you want from Internet dating is literally at your fingertips. Develop a loving relationship or friendship or flirt to your heart’s content as the power of your profile can attract people from far and wide.

You don’t even need to be naturally gregarious, so online dating is great for those who have a shyer disposition too. Maybe you are not confident enough to ask someone out in case you get rejected? With Internet dating, any rejection for that first date isn’t really to do with who you are so you can be as brave as you like and if you want to keep it virtual, as many do, then that’s ok too.

Imagine talking to a complete stranger and flirting with them. How many chances of late have you had to do that? You introduce yourself through your online actions and you can reveal as much or as little as you want them to know. There are no awkward silences, no wondering what to say, so you can be confident. You don’t have to rush your replies, take your time to answer, but show some interest if you like the person you are chatting to otherwise they might feel that you are not interested and extend their search elsewhere.

There are no real hassles with a virtual friend and you remain in control at all times. It’s only when the virtual route has played out its course that the variables again start to reappear, but if you have chosen wisely, learned a great deal about your virtual date, you may well find that your venture into normality where you meet up and experience that face to face contact, may turn into a fantastic date and a first step towards love and romance.

Whatever your plans are with online dating, stay safe and play safe.

Image:© Circotasu | Dreamstime.com

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Hi, I'm Pamela and I'm so excited to talk to you about your love life. I've had some really amazing and extremely horrible luck with online dating, so I figure I'd share my experience with the world. Remember to download my Free Online Dating Guide!


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